does it even matter if it’s invisible?

   Posted by: arcanai   in getting healthy

i’m down five pounds (+/-) since january 1.  it seems like i should be excited about that but, for the life of me, i can’t see where those pounds disappeared from (i so don’t believe in that whole ending with a preposition rule even though i am keenly aware every time i do it).  i certainly don’t look any more svelte.  and, the truest test of weight loss proves no progress…  i still can’t fit into any of my not-brand-new, non-elastic clothes.  what’s the point of losing five pounds if it doesn’t seem to make a difference?  *sigh*  hopefully, the trend will continue and noticeable results will be forthcoming.

and while ranting about my body… what the heck is with all of the adolescent-style breakouts?!??

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