answered prayers?

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my prayers for a tapeworm have finally been answered!  that’s the only explanation i can come up with for why i’m suddenly seeing weight loss after all of these years of increasing activity and decreasing junk food and just getting fatter and fatter.  truly, it makes no sense.  last year, i trained for and ran my first half marathon and then hiked the grand canyon (which burned way more calories).  you would think that huge spike in activity, paired with better eating habits would have made me all kinds of svelte.  after four months of expending large quantities of energy… i hadn’t lost a single ounce.  and since weight can be deceptive, i’ll also note that none of my clothes were any less snug.  on the contrary, i went up a size 🙁  very frustrating and demoralizing, that was.  this year, i’m down 8+ pounds since jan 1.  i’m getting very close to seeing the next lower tens digit on the scale.  and i just don’t understand it.  nothing has changed.  my eating habits are the same as they’ve been for the last few years… overall, i eat fairly healthy but i’m more a believer in “everything in moderation” so i don’t deny myself less healthy foods.  my training for this year’s half was similar to last year’s except i did try to keep up better with cross-training.  my overall activity has greatly diminished since about two weeks prior to the 13.1 because of injuries that don’t seem to want to go away and yet the pounds keep going down.  my mind is officially boggled.  not to look a gift-horse in the mouth… seeing encouragement on the scale is nice but i’d rather have baggy clothes.

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