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for the third straight day, we made the long and arduous journey across the bridge to visit car dealerships in town.  this time, we had it narrowed down to two vehicles and we were just going to sit in each one a last time to make our decision.  it was down to the honda civic which is an awesome blue color and has some bells and whistles inside (super cool digital display and back up camera) and the toyota prius which is just much more spacious and kinda fun in its kookiness.  shocking my hubby, i chose the prius.  sadly, when we went back to talk business with the guy, we found that the car he had been showing us was not the one he was trying to sell us and that they would have to drive to alabama to get my car.  that isn’t a deal breaker but hubby, being the master negotiator that he is, tried to work the deal down to what he was getting quoted on the phone at other toyota dealerships today.  they actually let us walk away over $300!  hubby was appalled.  i was appalled that i opened up the search parameters for the guy and gave him a way to make up that $ gap and he didn’t even try.  seriously, if my livlihood depended on making sales and a customer told me that they would be interested in widening the search, i would jump all over those new criteria to try to close the deal.  i guess i should have chosen the civic.  it was right there on the lot and i could have driven it home tonight.  and it’s such a pretty blue.  maybe the toyota folks will call in the morning when they’ve realized that they lost a deal over a measly $300.  or maybe hubby will just

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