m-i-c. k-e-y. m-o-u-s-e.

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yesterday was our annual family disney day.  we’ve gone every Christmas season for the last twenty-three years that my dad had worked there.  last year was the only year we’ve ever missed, thanks to dad’s broken hip and five week hospital stay.  geez, you miss one year and the whole danged place changes!  there are new attractions and overhauls of old ones.  my favorite ride, the haunted mansion, had a ton of changes including some fantastic interactive embellishments to the line.  another great highlight to the day was the monster’s inc laugh floor.  if you’re not familiar, it’s an animated and interactive standup comedy attraction.  toward the end of the show, the monsters were joking with a kiddo in the audience and he asked the kid what you get when you mix a human and a grape.  the kid said he didn’t know and the monster said “we don’t either but there she is” as the spotlight flashed at me and i was shown on the big screen.  i laughed and laughed and laughed.  yay me for being part of the show!  arcanai: the human grape!  hee hee 😀  so, as always, it was a great day at the happiest place on earth with my terrific family.

we got to epcot first to ride the new and improved test track

we then made our way to the magic kingdom

we wandered around a bit before heading to tony's for lunch where my daddy surprised me with an early birthday cake

yummy cake

next we went to see the progress on the new fantasty land. we couldn't get into belle's place but we were allowed to look around at gaston's.

♫ everyone here wants to be you, gaston ♫

we checked out ariel's new under the sea ride

and hubby got to do it's a small world

even dumbo got some updates

there are now two dumbo rides - a long overdue improvement

reflections of neuschwanstein

cinderella's castle

and what trip to disney would be complete without a parking lot wheelchair race to wrap things up?

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