i’ve had better birthdays

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yep, that was how i spent my birthday this year… all drugged up in the er. i’ve had serious stabbing pains in my lower right abdomen for the last few weeks. i figured it was no big deal but two nights ago, i spiked a wicked fever out of nowhere. it was odd because it went away on its own after a few hours so i still figured it could hold off until my previously scheduled dr appointment that was supposed to be today. yesterday morning, i woke to severe pains, nausea, and bouts of dizziness and shortness of breath. i called the dr office, they brought me in, she said appendix and told me to go to the er where my fever spiked again. happy birthday to me. after six hours and countless tests, it was determined that i am not pregnant (duh!), my appendix is fine, but i have a large ovarian cyst that is going to continue to hurt until it ruptures at which point it will really hurt and then be fine. fabulous. i still don’t understand how all the crazy symptoms figure into that but i guess it was a coincidental bug. nutty.

so, yay! that it wasn’t a bursting appendix but boo! that the pain will continue. although, in the grand scheme of things, i can deal with pain pretty easily… i just freaked out about all the other stuff that was going on. i’m still dealing with nausea but i figured it was time to dig into my birthday cake.

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