well so much for keeping up with this thing

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I didn’t make it very far with the whole “I’m gonna be a blogger again” thing, eh?  really, there hasn’t been much of anything interesting going on around here.  hubby has been training for his first IronMan and I’ve been the supportive wife I promised to be.  I have gotten back into a bit of a workout routine.  In that my buddy and I have been doing our aqua-jogging three times a week for over a month now and I’ve been dragging myself to the gym fairly regularly again.  i’m trying to work up to three days a week of weights again but I have been less than successful at that.  I have, however, been supplementing pool and weights with bike and treadmill at the gym also.  I was very proud of myself Monday for dragging myself to the gym at lunch (the whole reason I haven’t been able to workup to 3x weights is because I’m too tired on MWF after waking up at 05:30 for the pool).  Ten minutes into my workout, I was a moron and smashed my hand in some weights.  I think that did it for me for the week.  *sigh* Such is life.  It could have been worse… nothing’s broken as it was, thankfully, my lowest weight machine.  It sure does smart though.

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