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What a week!  my eldest nephew broke his arm again over the weekend and had to have surgery this morning to add a plate and screws his skeletal assemblage.  the operation went well and i pray that his recovery is swift and smooth.

A very dear friend came to me this morning for a shoulder to cry on.  she is going through some very difficult times.  my heart hurts for her as i have been through that darkness myself and know how hard it is.  i love them and pray that they can find the healing they need.

My daddy stopped in for a brief visit last week and i really enjoyed seeing him.  i got the feeling he was keeping something from me and his wife quasi-confirmed that but wouldn’t fill me in.  i pray for my dad’s health. 

I pray for hubby and me.

Lord, please hear these prayers and the prayers of my heart. in your son, Jesus’ name… Amen

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