praying for sleep

   Posted by: arcanai   in feelin bad, prayers needed

the hot flashes/night sweats have been back with a furious vengeance these last couple weeks.  consequently, I’ve gotten almost no sleep and I am completely and utterly exhausted.  I counted it up and, in the last five days, I’ve gotten three hours of sleep.  that’s just not sustainable.  last night, my tossing and turning woke up hubby.  he asked if I was okay and I immediately started bawling.  I mean full-on hyperventilating wracking sobs.  poor hubby was so freaked out by my outburst that he started choking up and praying over me.  I love that man.  sadly, I still didn’t get any sleep last night but his prayers were such a comfort.  i’ll be praying all day for some relief from this sweaty streak of insomnia.

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