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We got to Orlando only to discover that this is the week the kids go to Student Life camp so we wouldn’t be seeing much of them.  This is the first year that all three have gone since it’s middle/high schoolers only.  They spend the week in the dorms at Stetson and have bible studies and prayer groups and play games and all that jazz.  The parents are allowed to join for the nightly big worship event so, last night, we piled in the van with my sissy, bro-n-law, and a couple of their friends and we headed to Deland to see the kiddos and check out the night of worship.

What an awesome sight it was!  The auditorium was packed with kids from different churches all over the state who all burned with passion for their faith.  The worship band Bellarive is there with them for the week, playing for all of the big group events.  My kids are in love with this band, partly because they’re great (I agree), but also because they’re from Orlando and actually started out at their former church.  For every song they played, hundreds of kids sang along with arms up high and pure joy in their faces.  It was incredible.  All I could do was marvel at it since it was so far from where I was at their ages.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening and it gave me great hope for the future.

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