taking the plunge

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I signed up today to get baptized and I’m super excited.  I grew up in the church but I never saw it lived at home so I rejected organized religion and rebelled against faith in general.  It took me 32 years but I finally understand what it is to believe in something and have it change you.  God has been working His changes in me slowly for the last few years through my oldest nephew.  I don’t even think that I realized it was happening until our trip to Israel.  It was a huge surprise to me.  I only really wanted to go because it was so important to hubby (and because I’m all about seeing new places).  I figured it would be a neat place with pretty churches and lots of history.  It was all of that but what I didn’t expect was to leave there with a yearning in my heart for God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and a desire to learn how to build a personal relationship with Him.  Next month, my sins will be washed away and I’ll be a new me!

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