wishful thinking

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I’m sure it’s all psychosomatic but I’ve been imagining symptoms that I want to point to pregnancy despite evidence to the contrary.  TMI below the fold…

While I did get my period last week, it only lasted about 24 hours.  It was heavier than I would think implantation bleeding should be but it’s been lasting a solid 3-4 days since I stopped taking the pill.  My monthly breast swelling does not seem to be going down like it usually does after my period and I’ve been severely nauseous every night (and occasionally during the day too).  I might be willing to get my hopes up in spite of the weird period if it weren’t for the fact that my temperature has dropped like it normally does.  I’ve read some things about how it’s not always accurate for people with thyroid issues (not to mention insomnia and hot flashes) but it has been more/less tracking as it should for the last couple months.  Still, despite my logical self saying it can’t be… I think my subconscious might be pushing wishful thinking which is making me feel things that maybe aren’t there.  I’ll feel stupid and disappointed doing it but, if my imaginary symptoms don’t go away by next week, I might go ahead and do a quick test before we go to red dress.  If there’s any chance at all that I’m experiencing an atypical early pregnancy, I don’t want to have a wild weekend because I dismissed my feelings.

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