kindly remove your foot from my right rear panel

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UTIs suck.  it started friday night/saturday morning.  it made my life miserable saturday until we got home that night and i could take some azo.  other than some minor suckiness, the symptoms have been successfully masked whilst i’ve been chugging water and cranberry by the tub-fulls.  in the past, this has been a winning strategy.  apparently not this time.  this morning, somebody kicked me in the kidney with a steel-toe boot.  by noon, i couldn’t take a deep breath without my kidney feeling like it was going to explode.  i called and begged to be squeezed in at the dr office where they confirmed the kidney infection and gave me an antibiotic.  holy cats, the pain!  she said i should start to feel some relief by the morning.  i’m inclined to go to bed, pull the covers over my head, and not come out until it stops hurting.

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