technology woes and the pleasing husband

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thursday was my first bible study group meeting.  being an anti-social person, I was already anxious about it so I made sure to test out the online platform ahead of time to make sure that I wasn’t going to have any problems.  best laid plans and all that jazz.  for the first half of the meeting, I couldn’t hear them.  I finally got to where I could hear them and they couldn’t hear me.  and the video was up and down.  naturally, I felt like a moron who can’t work a computer.  my pc has been getting slower and slower for a while now and apparently it just doesn’t have the juice to handle a video conferencing gig.  I was very upset and ready to just give up on the bible study because of it.  in an effort to lift my spirits and keep me from giving up on my spiritual growth, hubby went out and bought a webcam to put on his pc.  tonight i finally got around to testing it out and was able to have a lovely face-to-face with my daddy.  stinks that i have to use hubby’s pc but at least i should be able to stay in the group now.

still not completely recovered from that scarring technological experience, my phone started acting up yesterday.  I heart my phone.  I’ve bragged so much about it and my service plan.  this morning, it was shutting itself off constantly even though it had a nearly full battery.  I finally got it to come up and stay up for a little bit and was texting with my sissy when it spontaneously shut off again.  when I finally got it to start up again, I noticed that it had wiped out all my stuff.  fantastic.  so I played with it some more and tried, unsuccessfully, to get some data off of it and it just kept running slower and slower… even though there was really nothing on it anymore.  I decided to go ahead and try a factory restore…  now, it is a complete brick.  it just loops through a boot/error cycle and won’t stop until I take out the battery.  i freely admit that it was my fault last year when i killed our phones.  this time, i did nothing to harm it.  and, of course, it’s about six weeks past warranty.  ugh!  i am just so ticked off and depressed about this.  hubby and i both spent all day reading the interwebs trying to find a fix for it.  we both made calls to support and got nowhere.  it is beyond fixing.  again, hubby to the rescue.  he took me tonight to get a new phone and then complained loud enough to the company to get them to give me a free month.

moral of the story:  technology sucks but husbands are fabulous!

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