trying time and definitely me

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hubby had his appointment today to make sure that there weren’t any fertility problems on his end.  dr said he’s working perfectly.  i was really hoping… not for a problem… but maybe that all the extreme exercise of ironman training was causing a slowdown or something.  nope, it’s all back on me.  *sigh*

meantime, my dr said that they won’t pursue any infertility tests on me until i could show six months of tracking ovulation and trying.  I’ve been tracking this on an app on my phone and had finally gotten to the sixth month but when the phone died yesterday, it wiped out my app too.  fortunately, i had done a backup of that data a month and a half ago so it’s not a complete loss but now i’ll need to track another month and a half in order to have the “proof” that the dr wants.  do you have any idea how long a month and a half is in “trying” time????

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