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it’s finally time to find out if there’s a problem.  I went to the dr today to talk about starting to test for infertility.  I stopped and grabbed a copy of hubby’s results so the dr could see that there are no problems on his end.  indeed, he seemed to be highly impressed with the 110 million sperm count and declared him highly virile.  gee, thanks.  so we scheduled several appointments in the upcoming weeks.  first, i’ll go back next week to have an ultrasound done during ovulation.  I guess that will check the viability of my egg?  the following week, they’ll do bloodwork for a 21-day progesterone reading to see if I have enough progesterone to support implantation.  i’ll then have to email them on the first day of my next cycle (which will be while i’m in Jamaica) to schedule an hsg test to check for tube blockages.  I am praying hard about all of this.  I am hopeful that I can have a baby but if there is a problem with my fertility, I just want to know for sure.  it’s the not knowing whether there’s cause for hope that kills me.

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