a reason found – hope rebounds

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scheduling a dr appointment while you’re out of the country and have no internet or phone access is quite difficult.  my instructions from my last appointment were to email the nurse to let her know when my “day 1” began so that she could schedule my hsg procedure to determine if my tubes are blocked.  turns out an all-inclusive, luxury resort is not inclusive of internet.  I managed to get online Monday and emailed her and asked for the procedure to be set up for Thursday when we get back to town but I was not able to get back on for a reply.  Wednesday, when we got to the airport in Jamaica and I had internet access and found emails to the basic effect that the procedure hadn’t been set up yet,  I frantically emailed with her until our flight left to try to get everything scheduled for the next day.  when we got to the Atlanta airport at 20:00, I was relieved to find a nurse still available at the surgery center so that I could confirm everything and go over my pre-op interview.  I was not happy to find out that I was going to be put under… I didn’t think it was going to be that big of a procedure but since this was all very last minute and I was lucky to get it all set up without having to wait another month, I didn’t make an issue of it.  yesterday, hubby took me in for the procedure.  they gave me an anesthetic that only knocked me out for about twenty minutes.  apparently the hsg took less than ten.  the dr explained that they didn’t find any tubal blockage but he did find cervical stenosis… a bunch of scar tissue most likely from that stupid, horrible leep all those years ago which had effectively closed all but a pin-hole in my cervix.  that could definitely keep me from getting pregnant since hubby’s swimmers don’t have much access.  the dr was able to dilate the cervix again and we’ll cross our fingers for a thanksgiving baby.  c’mon turkey!

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