beyond all a-flutter!

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today is the first day that I’ve been feeling obvious movement without having to concentrate.  no more gas-bubble flutters, we’re talking full on kicks and punches.  I got all excited when I was sitting here working, obviously focused on what I was doing, and BAM! knee to the bladder.  and it has continued on-and-off all day.  hubby is super jealous.  he keeps coming over and laying his hand on my belly and telling the turkey to say hi to daddy.  I know it will still be a few more weeks before the turkey is strong enough to reach out to him but I can’t wait.  he so deserves to feel some of the incredible awesomeness that I feel!  in other news, the nightly heartburn has started as well.  regardless of what I’ve eaten, I’ve had to take tums before bed the last four nights straight.  small price to pay for the pure joy I am feeling today as my son/daughter reaches out to me from within 😀

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