22 weeks

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18 Apr 2014

i sure wish the belly would get to that nice, pregnant, basketball look… I know it’s coming and I shouldn’t want to rush things but right now, I just look fat. it’s just that awkward stage where people don’t say anything because they don’t know if you’re putting on weight or baking a bun.

this week has been a bit rough for some reason. all of a sudden, there has been a re-emergence of the night-nausea and heart palpitations (golly, did I ever even mention those in the first tri? seriously scary heart jumping out of your chest and skipping beats… who the heck decided that was a necessary part of pregnancy?). the “morning sickness” nausea was a little kinder because it made me so queasy that I wasn’t even hungry. this week, I’ve been plenty hungry but everything I eat makes me want to puke and/or gives me crazy heartburn. how the heck does a bowl of bland cereal or a smoothie give a person heartburn? it makes no sense. no worries though, this too shall pass.

the silver lining of this week has been that hubby now has no trouble at all with feeling our little turkey moving around. when he has his hand on my belly, he can feel almost every movement that I feel (he’s spared from the jump kicks to the bladder that send me racing to the bathroom). it makes me so happy to be able to share that with him now. he asked me the other day if I was ready for him to be born so that I can finally play with him.  I told him I can already play with him (he kicks me, I poke him back or he squirms around and I rub him to soothe him) and I can talk to him but I can also take him everywhere I go, guilt-free, and don’t have to worry about feeding or changing or baby sitters so this is really the perfect parenting time!

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