drinking the koolaid

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or at least a sickly sweet orange syrup.  yep, today was the glucose screening.  it actually wasn’t as bad as I expected.  I avoided carbs all day – eggs for breakfast, cheese for midmorning snack, breakfast ham for lunch.  they give you five minutes to choke down the glucola (ha!) but I just went ahead and chugged it.  it’s strongly reminiscent of the mystery orange drink that fast food restaurants used to serve for birthday parties when I was a kid.  really, I’ve had worse.  they were efficient enough to get me in to see the dr while waiting for the hour to pass for blood draw.  today’s heart rate was 140 bpm, 26cm uterine measurement, and i was up 3.5 lbs from last month.  dr r seemed pleased with everything and told hubby to quit hassling me about my weight (honestly, who would’ve thought he’d ever be worrying about me being too thin?!).  now that we’re in the third tri, we start doing two-week appointments until the last month when it goes weekly so lots more trips to town now.  we ran several errands after the appointment and i was completely exhausted by the time we got home… hard to say whether that was the sugar crash or just the zero sleep last night. 

so, the last trimester… 94 days to due date… i can’t wrap my head around it being that close now.  where has the time gone?  i feel like I’m going to be very sad for the pregnancy to end… of course, I’m super excited to meet our son but this has just been such an incredible and fascinating experience.  there are plenty of aggravations but, overall, it’s just an awesome time.  when i thought i would never be able to conceive, we talked about adopting.  while i still would not be opposed to adopting one day, knowing what i know now, it would have been a huge regret to not be able to have this experience. for all of the minor pains and annoyances so far, I have loved every minute of this pregnancy and wouldn’t trade this time for anything in the world.

in other news, since we have been in purge/organize/cleanup mode around here, we’ve both had items that take up a lot of space and won’t be used any time soon listed for sale on line.  tonight, i sold my scuba gear.  woot!  i even managed to get just $50 less than what i paid for it so double-woot considering i surely got more use out of it than that (and there were a few things i didn’t include from the kit i bought).  i love diving but, realistically, it’s going to be a few years before i even get the chance to go again so there’s no point in having the equipment sitting around, unserviced, and taking up space.  the last few dives we did were on cruises or at resorts and we just used their equipment anyhow.  hubby has had a few nibbles on his listing for bike #3 but nothing concrete yet.  I’m sure it’ll go soon enough.  bedroom furniture goes next month and then we’ll have a few other things to get rid of too – huge, old, tube-style tv; my first stereo system that i hate to part with because it’s the nicest gift i ever got from my brudder but it takes up a lot of room and we don’t use it; other miscellany – that we’ll probably just take to goodwill.

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