meltdowns goin’ ’round

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COUSIN!!! i hope the big three-one is a fabulous one for you. as for me, it’s been a week. on the bright side, we did become official floridians this week when we were mercifully granted our homestead exemption even though we didn’t exactly meet all of the requirements (thank you mr property tax assessor guy!!!) – stupid fine print. just so you know, we did have all of the required pieces, just not by the required dates. on wednesday, i had a total melt-down that my poor hubby had to not only witness but also talk me down from quitting my job. gotta love those kind of days. today was his turn. he handled his melt-down much better by going for a run instead of ranting like a lunatic. the good news is that it’s spring break so we’re going to go out tonight and party with all the young little whipperschnappers. better go get a nap in, eh?

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