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when I told my boss I was pregnant, she insisted that we had to come into the office sometime before the baby was born so we agreed that I would do that on my trip down for my nephew’s graduation.  yesterday, we got up super early and put on some office-appropriate clothes (thank goodness for still having so many clothes I can still fit into!) and fought traffic for the commute into the office.  I got to meet several coworkers who I’ve emailed with and even spoken with for a couple years but never seen face to face.  I had expected my boss to give us a nice congratulations card and probably even a little gift card or something but I was blown away by the lovely surprise shower/luncheon that the whole group put together.  people we had never even met before had come together to give our baby cute little gifts and it was just so very nice.  we’re so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives. I felt bad for my other remote co-workers who had to cover for me getting almost no work done all day but it was so nice.

“my boss asked me to come into the office while we were in town and surprised us with a lovely shower/luncheon. what a great group of coworkers we have!!!”

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