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after a great week+ of spending quality time with friends and family – including a couple days with my dad where he has looked and gotten around better than I’ve seen him in a long, long time – we are back home to relax for a few days before starting all over again with the in-laws. yesterday was the baby shower that my sissy, niece, and bff so graciously put together. once again, I was humbled by the love and generosity of our friends/family. I got to see a couple of ladies who mean the world to me even though I haven’t seen them in over a decade. there were a couple more that weren’t able to be there but I look forward to seeing them on our next trip down, at which time there will be three of us!!!

love this group of ladies like crazy!

“a huge thank you to my sissy, niece, and jenny for the fabulous shower (not to mention the lovely ladies who attended or were unable to attend)! we’re so blessed to have such great friends and family!!!”

From Orlando Baby Shower, posted by J’Lynn Holloway on 6/11/2014 (33 items)

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