sugar-induced coma

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today was my three hour glucose test.  I’ve gotten over the immense depression of it and I’ve come to accept that whatever the outcome, we’ll do what we have to do and make it through fine.  the test consisted of me being ordered to eat one full-size candy bar a day for the last three days – I enjoyed my snickers 🙂 – and then fasting after midnight last night.  I ate my last snack around 20:30.  when I arrived at the dr’s office this morning, they immediately drew a vial of fasting blood and had me do my urine sample before chugging the twice-as-much-as-last-time orange sugar syrup (they offered me lime or fruit punch this time but those options didn’t sound any more palatable to me).  they gave me ten minutes but I chose to chug it immediately again.  I then sat around a few minutes until I was called in for my actual dr appointment for my regular tummy check.  everything is looking good.  weight was up a bit because of all the feasting in Orlando last week but nothing to be concerned with.  uterine/fundal measurement was right on track.  baby’s heartrate is holding strong at 140 bpm.  dr is happy with my progress.  all good news.  I then went back to my little chair in the hall to wait for my first hour blood draw.  I was a happy girl when I was ushered to a quiet room with recliners and a tv for the remainder of my waiting.  sitting in those hall chairs would have gotten so uncomfortable for three hours.  there was another woman in the room, on the other side and behind a privacy curtain, who was having a fetal monitor run.  I hoped everything went well for her and her baby but the baby’s heartbeat did provide a relaxing soundtrack and I soon found myself unable to read my nook anymore and drifting off into a sugar-crash sleep.  I was woken for my second hour blood draw and then returned to my comfy recliner for a bit more napping.  finally, it was time for my last blood draw and I was able to go get something to eat.  it was nearly noon and I was starving.

the testing itself… wasn’t too bad after I got my recliner although I was surprised that they actually poked my vein four times rather than just leaving the needle port taped in for the duration.  they said that it would take two of the draws being high for me to be considered diabetic.  I am hopeful that things come back clean but I’m trying not to worry about it anymore.  what good does that do anyhow?

and on the home front, hubby came down with a bug over the weekend and has been running a fever on and off for the last few days.  I’ve been trying to take care of him without getting too close.  I keep threatening his life if he gives this crap to me.  I don’t want to worry about fevers while baking a baby.

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