happy first father’s day!

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I know the baby’s not hear yet but if you could see how wonderful my husband has been throughout this pregnancy… how worried and protective and supportive he’s been for both me and the turkey, you would see that he is every bit the daddy already. one of his favorite pastimes is laying his head on my belly to talk with the baby and feel him kick him in the ear or chin.

father-son bonding time

after his bonding time today, hubby looked up at me and exclaimed “how can I be so completely enamored with someone I’ve never even met yet?” it brought tears to my eyes. in the beginning, I worried because it seemed like he just wasn’t nearly as excited as I was but i think that was just that it hadn’t sunken in for him yet – he couldn’t feel or see anything like i could. I see him now falling more in love with this little boy every day and it just about brings my heart to bursting. and the worry… he worries about the baby constantly. he says that’s been his biggest surprise – how worried he is that the baby is healthy; that his age hasn’t caused any problems or abnormalities. i didn’t think it was possible to love my husband more than i already did but i was so, so wrong.

in other news, i think he gave me that bug after all, dagnabbit!   we had some houseguests from his home town this weekend.  they were here for their daughter to get married so yesterday we had the bride and her bridesmaids here all day making bouquets and doing hair/makeup and getting dressed.  i started getting hoarse in the mid-morning.  by late afternoon, i had almost no voice at all and was running a low-grade fever.  the book says i only need to worry if my fever gets to 100.5 or higher so i will definitely be watching that and taking acetaminophen to keep it down.  i just hope i get over it quickly enough to not impede our travel plans for the week.  we’re supposed to be leaving tomorrow to start our final southeastern tour.  this week we need to take the guest room furniture to wedowee so that we can start working on putting the nursery together, go over to the old office in ga to meet hubby’s new boss, stop by to see my brother’s family, and then go back to wedowee for hubby’s class reunion, family reunion, and our baby shower.  clearly, i have far too much to do this week to be sick.

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