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yesterday was our grand finale… a jam-packed day that was supposed to have been even busier.  we started off with hubby’s high school reunion that he’s been working so hard to organize all year.  they rented a house on the lake and basically just made it a “stop by and hang out” kind of day.  we stuck around there until about 14:30 and I got to meet several of his old classmates.  I was actually rather pleasantly surprised by it.  i had always thought my hubby was just one of the few that really made it out of the small town to see the world.  it turns out that more than a few of his classmates have had wonderful worldly adventures too.  i guess that shows my ignorance… or is it prejudice?

after the reunion, we were supposed to rush back to the house for a family reunion.  sadly, there was a death in the family so it turned out to be a funeral home reunion.  since the family get-together was cancelled and there needed to be time for people to visit the funeral parlor, the baby shower got moved up to that time slot and became more of a “drop by and drop off” kind of shower.  hubby’s sis and aunt did a beautiful job and we had a wonderful time seeing various family members.  we spent a few hours there and then went back to the class reunion for a little bit to see who else had shown up and then ended the night by paying our respects at the funeral home.  It was a long, tiring day but we packed a lot of socializing into it!

“a huge thank you to Brenda, Miranda, and aunt diane for throwing a beautiful shower. really, could we be any more blessed?”

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this morning, we got up and headed south.  i can’t say much good about the trip.  while i am starting to feel more human, i can’t get rid of the horrible coughing fits.  hubby has been throwing cough drops down my throat but with all the coughing and the increased heartburn, they really just make me nauseous and don’t seem to calm the cough at all.  so i was sucking on a retched cough drop on the little windy roads on our way to swing by an uncle’s house and i ended up having my first puke of the pregnancy.  i yelled at hubby to pull the car over (on a tiny windy road with hardly any place to pull off) and just barely made it in time to throw the door open and hang my head out.  not fun, not fun at all.  there went all my breakfast and pretty much anything else I’ve eaten in the last few days.  thank God we had plenty of baby wipes in the car 🙂  we finally made it to uncle’s house and had a nice little visit with him and the cousins before getting back on the road for home.  the GPS ended up taking us the long way home and we ran into severe storms most of the way so it was a long, tense drive with hubby worrying about keeping the car between the lines and making sure i was okay (but he sure didn’t make me suck on any more cough drops!).

i am so glad to be home.  we’ve been so blessed with all of these showers and getting to spend time with family and friends over the last several weeks but I’m just worn out.  i am definitely looking forward to staying home and relaxing and getting ready for our little turkey’s arrival over the next couple months.

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