37 weeks

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1 Aug 2014

today’s dr visit was more of the same.  heart rate around 140.  fundal measurement on track.  1cm dilated; 95% effaced; -1 station.  our dr was much more non-committal about making guesses than the dr last week.  he said that he’s seen women who get to 100% and immediately start dilating and he’s seen women who walk around at 100% for weeks without further progress.  he said a lot of it depends on if the baby drops more.  if he drops down below the pelvic bone, the weight on the thinned out cervix would start dilation.  it’s all just wait and see.  his only comment on the matter was on his way out of the office when he said he’ll see us next Friday, if not sooner 🙂

pregnancy is still good.  the belly button would probably be a total outie if if weren’t for the laparoscopy scar holding the bottom half in.  still have achy thumbs but I’ve gotten used to it.  I’ve been needing more back-rubs the last few days.  the acid reflux is back with a fiery vengeance after finishing the 14 day course of Prilosec – i guess it’s only a miracle cure while you’re actually taking it.  if that’s all i have to complain about, i figure I’ve got it made.  but still, as far as the minor annoyances of pregnancy, I’d call that the biggie.  i would definitely rank it way worse than the nausea at the beginning (if i had actually been vomiting, I’m sure it would be a different story).

taken at the dr office today... calm is my mantra

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