soaking up the last of the adult time

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unfortunately, there hasn’t been a whole lot of free-time lately with both of us having to work crazy long hours to get ready for taking time off, not to mention having to get things ready around the house for baby’s homecoming… but we’re trying to enjoy all of the last moments of DINKhood when we can. wednesday evening, we helped mellow break down the running store so that he could move to another location. it was work but it was also time with a friend. we followed it up with a quickie “date” at five guys. last night, we dropped in on sunny (scooter was supposed to be on his way home but after an hour or so visiting with her, he was still a no-show). we had a good visit though, just chatting about random stuff. today, hubby spent the day helping mellow move in to the new store location while i stayed home making cards. mid-afternoon, chef texted with a suggestion of dinner and CAH. they got here just a little after hubby had gotten home and we walked to a newer restaurant a few doors down. it was a great meal, on the beach, with great friends. we walked home on the beach, enjoying the not-so-sunset and then spent a couple hours laughing and enjoying game-night. you never know; it might be the last time we’re able to have friends over for an evening without a crying baby breaking up the mood ๐Ÿ™‚ fortunately, chef and trainwreck will probably be bringing their new grandbaby along with them next year. i wish we had time for more “date nights” or a quick last minute getaway weekend together but at least we’re able to squeeze in some adult fun here and there.

it sure looks like i need help holding up all that belly!

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