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I’ve gone through this entire pregnancy with very little emotional turmoil.  i don’t think I’ve had a single “mood swing”.  I’ve never bitten my husband’s head off.  i had a few days of irrational depression when i failed my first glucose test but that’s pretty much been it.  yesterday, for whatever reason, was a very sobby day for me.  i cried before and after church when we were approached by two different people asking about bringing us meals after the baby is born.  seriously, i am just completely and totally overwhelmed by all of the generosity we’ve received.  we’re so not deserving of it all.  i cried during church while listening to the message.  i cried in the car while listening to a song.  i cried last night when hubby and i were watching our son’s limbs poking out all over my belly and i realized we’ll never, ever be this close again.  i was just an emotional mess all day.

in other news, the stripping of the membranes, as far as i can tell, did nothing more than put a stop to everything.  i actually got a little worried Saturday because our very active boy was suddenly quite sedentary for most of the day and I thought it might have affected him somehow.  i was happy when he started jumping around again Saturday night.  also, i completely stopped having contractions over the weekend.  none of the menstrual crampy ones, none of the lightheaded-tightening ones.  up until the appointment Friday, the latter were constant and the former were getting more frequent.  after the appointment… nothing.  very strange to me.  but they’ve started back today so i guess that’s good.  he’s still clinging to the ribcage though so he’s not going anywhere soon.

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