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it’s funny that i’ll probably end up in better shape after this pregnancy than i was before.  the pregnancy started with months of sloth due to vacations and holidays and a general affinity for couch-potatoism.  as soon as i saw that positive, however, i immediately started dragging myself out and into a routine.  for about five months, i walked about twenty miles a week.  then there were 6-8 weeks of crazy travel and sickness and the sloth crept back in for a while but the last couple of months I’ve been good about getting back at it.  I’ve been doing an hour on the elliptical 3-4 days a week plus the bridge run (walk) most weeks.  i never thought i could be this close to the end of my pregnancy and still be this active.  and really, after a lifetime of natural sloth and lethargy, who would have thought i would even find the motivation for it?  i guess this kid is already working on making me a better person because all I’ve wanted to do is keep him as healthy as i possibly can.  if that means i have to get out and work up a sweat when i really would rather eat Cheetos and take a nap… i won’t even give it a second thought.

multi-tasking - elliptical, Netflix, and talking to my daddy on the phone


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