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my husband has been fantastic.  he was a super supportive partner throughout the pregnancy and has been a devoted father since the turkey’s birth.  the one thing that he always maintained that he just wouldn’t do was to change diapers.  of course, i repeatedly told him that he was downright delusional.  as the pregnancy progressed, i heard him change his story to people, saying that he would change wet diapers but not poops.  naturally, he ate crow on all of this right off the bat since i had limited mobility the first day in the hospital and he had to take care of our son’s needs.  when we got home, he gagged over the first few post-meconium diapers but he soldiered on.. for the most part.  this afternoon, i overheard him talking to the turkey while changing one of the stinky ones.  he told him how much he loves him but that he’s not changing those diapers because he loves him.. he’s changing them because he loves momma and is amazed at all that she does to take care of him.  it brought tears to my eyes.  my husband, whom i admire so much, was telling our son how lucky he was to have a mother who sacrifices her nights and days to make sure that he is fed and changed and soothed and rested.  i couldn’t possibly have a better parenting partner.

in other news, today was also the turkey’s first bath (at home) before his first appointment at the pediatrician’s office.

ready for my first sponge bath at home

for his five-day checkup, he got a clean bill of health… the dr was pleased with all his wet diapers (he even wet the exam table before the dr came in) and he was impressed that he was almost back to his birth weight already.  it can take up to two weeks for a baby to regain the weight they lose after birth… our turkey weighed 7lbs 9oz at birth, had lost back to 7lbs even when we left the hospital (two days), and is back up to 7lbs 8.5oz now.  what can i say?  he’s a really good nurser!  he still measures 19.5 inches today.  i actually would have been surprised if they said his length had increased but they said it does happen.  the dr didn’t seem concerned about the umbilical cord falling off prematurely yesterday and said everything seemed to be healing as it should.  we went from the dr to the dept of health to pick up his birth certificate and we got to try our first public nursing.  i sat in the backseat and nursed while hubby was inside getting the cert.  mostly everything worked out well but i think the nursing cover was a little warm on him.  it was harder than usual to keep him awake and alert through the feeding.  I’m not sure whether it is better to sit in the car with a/c or to try to find a place to sit outside where there’s some actual moving air.  since it was his first time with the cover, though, i thought he did well.  i would imagine it will take getting used to and learning to adjust temp is just part of that.

other milestones of note:  he’s been smiling since day 2 and yesterday he started doing big belly laughs in his sleep.  i don’t know what babies dream about but his must be pretty happy ones 🙂

we had all kinds of family here over the weekend to meet the little guy.  my sissy made it here in time to help with the labor and delivery.  my dad got here his first night.  hubby’s parents and siblings arrived late saturday night, after we had gotten home from the hospital.  my sissy was a huge help around the house and the grandparents all enjoyed their time with the newest grandchild.  everybody left this morning so we’re officially on our own now.


we are family

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