2 weeks old

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04 Sept 2014

we had our two week checkup today and another clean bill of health. he’s growing way too fast for momma’s liking but i guess that means i’m taking good care of him.


I'm two weeks old today. I've grown 1.5 inches and gained almost a full pound since birth! I am 21 inches long and 8 lbs 7.5 oz.

as for momma: by the end of the pregnancy, i had gained fifteen pounds (compared to weight at dr visit one week prior to conceiving). we stayed two nights in the hospital after birth so by the time i got home, two days after birth, i had lost ten pounds of baby and womb. i then lost a pound a day for most of the first week, getting back to pre-pregnancy weight by day 8. i’ve finally plateaued at five pounds below pre-pregnancy weight. no, i have not been trying to lose the weight… i haven’t been exercising (ouch – although everything seems to be healing well) and i haven’t been dieting. i have been eating everything in sight because nursing takes a lot out of me (obviously). apparently, all you need to do to slim down is have a baby and breastfeed it. i love the nursing because it’s such a special bonding time but it wears me out much more than i expected. most of the time, i have a hard time keeping my eyes open through it because it just makes me so sleepy and then i’m always parched and ravenous afterward.  i also seem to be finally experiencing some of the pregnancy symptoms that i had missed out on during the actual pregnancy – after birth, i developed that dark line down my abdomen, i’ve been crazy emotional and crying over everything, and i am now craving sweets non-stop.

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