all night long

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my little turkey pulled his first 8 hour night last night.  i almost made him stretch even longer.  we had some pretty severe storms last night that kept me up a lot.  i noticed that the fan in my bedroom died again around 01:00.  when i first saw that it wasn’t on, i thought the power was out but one look around the room revealed a working alarm clock and power light on the tv so i didn’t think anymore about it and went back to sleep.  i woke up again at 02:00 when the storm got particularly loud and stayed awake for most of that hour listening to the howling and shaking of our balcony furniture.  i was woken again a little after 03:00 by more crashing thunder.  finally, i was woken around 04:30 by the little guy crying.  as usual, i let him cry it out for a bit to see if he would go back to sleep but i also didn’t want to push him too far and have it get too close to his 07:30 start-the-day feeding… who knew that something as simple as feeding your baby requires so much strategy?  anyhow, when he was still crying after 15 minutes and showing obvious hunger signs, i went ahead and got up to feed him.  it was then that i actually looked at my phone and discovered that it was actually 07:00!  apparently, the power had gone out at some point during the night and the alarm clock was lying to me.  it only took a moment to dawn on me that he had SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!  commence woot woot party dance and more urgent scramble to get to my hungry boy and get him some num-nums.  here’s hoping this wasn’t just a one-time fluke 🙂

good night sleep = happy baby

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