boo-boos and bandaids

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today was the turkey’s 8 week shots.  they started with the oral rota vaccine which seemed to be quite the treat.  unfortunately, his enjoyment was short-lived as the nurse moved on to the needles.  she quickly jabbed two shots in one thigh and one shot in the other thigh.  it’s good that she was quick about it but the poor turkey’s response was immediate with the first stick.  he didn’t even cry… he instantly went to the silent scream – and momma’s heart just broke!  my poor little guy.  after the third stick, daddy swooped in and cuddled him back to calmness.  to me, that says an awful lot.  the nurses were talking about how a lot of babies need to be nursed after shots to calm down but he has such a good and trusting relationship with his daddy that he didn’t need momma’s bribery.  i don’t know that a lot of babies see enough of their daddies to be calmed by them like that.  we stayed in the office just a bit to make sure he was okay and wasn’t going to need some of momma’s special comforting.  the little trooper fell asleep and we moved onto the errand portion of the day.  we purposely planned a bunch of errands so that we could stay close to the dr’s office for a few hours in case he had any kind of reaction.  after a bite of lunch, we went into the mall to find a comfy seat for me to feed him.  he woke up and ate without any fuss but he did have his first public diaper blowout and costume change.  we finished his feeding, finished our errands, and headed home.  i thought he would be super fussy but he’s mostly just been lethargic.  he’s had a few bouts of unusual shrieking but they’ve been brief.  i’m so proud of my little man.

In other news, he’s weighing in at 11lbs, 12.5oz and 22.75 inches. Growing like a little chunky monkey!

chicks dig scars... and bugs bunny bandaids

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