happy new year!

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welcome to the year 2008! we celebrated by officially moving in to our new home. we rang in the new year in rare-for-us whippersnapper style and then spent our first night here. we went out to a club for dinner and dancing and live music and left there around 0200 to stop in at another party. it was 0400 before we got to bed. i really can’t tell you the last time that i stayed up all night like that on purpose. and i felt it yesterday. i slept in until noon, moved to the couch and napped until 1730 when the hubby got a burst of energy and insisted that we attempt to unpack some. he accomplished much. i sat back on the couch to make my new years phone calls. i did get part of the kitchen unburried. today i got enough of it dug out to actually cook dinner. we’ve had multiple obstacles in the new abode, mostly network issues which tried to give us an extra vacation day. i think i’ve counted that i’ve moved ten times in the last nine years (pretty impressive when you consider that we lived two years in our first apartment and almost four years in our house) and this is by far the hardest move i’ve had. not only does it feel like it’s just dragging on, what with us moving out of our house four months ago, but i just can’t seem to fight the discombobulation. we moved all of our stuff in from storage over two weeks ago and yet there is still more in boxes than not. and the boxes are EVERYWHERE. i’ve never spent this long boxed up. i just can’t seem to wrap my arms around it at all. but on the bright side, we spent a fortune this past weekend (enough that we both received calls from discover’s fraud protection people asking if we were aware of all of the large purchases on our cards). when we get back from orlando in a couple of weeks, we’ll have all new kitchen appliances delivered and a washer and dryer (which will be very much needed since we do not have a w/d at all right now). i’m very excited about my very pretty new appliances. next step is a bed for us. we’ve got it narrowed down to three. i’m hoping to have that when we get back home too. the air matress just isn’t holding air like it used to. so much still to do. will it ever slow down??? anyhow, i hope that 2008 has good things in store for all of us!

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