back to the grind

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after ten not-so-relaxing weeks, i started back to work today.  the turkey must have heard the plan so mr sleeps-8-hour-nights decided to be awake every 30 minutes all last night.  i think it was the worse night yet (aside from the post-shots campouts).  other than being insanely tired and not being able to take a nap, i think the day worked out okay.  i’m still not sure how well all this will work as his wake time increases but we’re just doing a day at a time right now.  i guess between the sleep-deprivation and the familiarity of the work routine, i got off a call today and caught myself saying that it’s been a few days since my dad called.  i don’t think he’s gone more than three days between calls this whole year and he had a habit of calling in the middle of the day while i was in the middle of something at work or on a work call.  odd that that sent me into a crying fit but not the email from his wife a little later saying that she had picked up his ashes.

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