no need to squeeze, the melons are ripe

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i had my first medical 6006-squeezing this morning. no worries; just early screening because of family history. i was pleased when the tech said that since it was just a baseline, i shouldn’t need to have it done again for five years unless necessary. it really isn’t pleasant – not that i’ve ever heard any woman claim that it was. 6006s should really never be squeezed so hard or in such akward positions. i really felt like i deserved a nice dinner and movie for all that. after work today, we’ll be heading to al. happily, the quarantine was just lifted this week so we’ll be able to visit gma h. i’m looking forward to seeing her. poor woman probably thinks she was abandonned after two months of quarantine (not just her but the whole facility was locked down to keep the flu out). from what we’ve heard, she has been recovering from her surgery remarkably well. i still am amazed at what a strong body she has at 97 years old. mine would never make it that long. this will actually be our first time back since gma m passed away. it makes me very sad to think we won’t be playing dominos with her tomorrow. visits to wedowee will just never be the same.

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