Worrying is a full time job

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Now that I’m a mother, I spend all day every day worrying and feeling inadequate.  It’s exhausting but those little smiles and laughs make it all worthwhile.  The turkey has given us plenty of concerns here lately.  

first, a couple weeks ago we noticed that his wet diaper had a large streak of pink.  we immediately thought it was blood and got all worried but we didn’t see any more in the following diaper changes so we let it go thinking it might have just been a flaw in that diaper.  a couple days later, we saw more pink and noticed a red spot on the tip of his pp.  hubby thought it might have just gotten stuck on a diaper and torn the skin a bit so we attributed the blood to that and started putting some ointment on it.  things got better and we didn’t see any more pink diapers.

around the same time, we noticed some dried blood in his spitup but, again, it wasn’t much and it went away.  and since it was brown and not fresh, red blood, it didn’t seem urgent.  we just figured he had scratched his gums or something with all his constant hand-chewing.

this past weekend, both of these issues started up again.  we were in orlando and so we took him to the dr first thing monday.

in the meantime, he has had reflux since he was teeny tiny which causes a lot of spitting up.  Early on, it seemed to be more of an annoyance than anything but it’s gotten worse in the last month or so.  we worry over it all the time because it seems there are some meals that he just loses entirely.  we’ve been trying our best to track his weight but our scale is wildly inaccurate and we can rarely get it to read the same for both of us or multiple times in a row.  when we got down to orlando we tried my dad’s and sister’s scales and got 13.3 on one scale and 12.8 on another so it was still inaccurate but at least the readings were going the right direction (12.1 when we were down there the month before).  when we took him to the dr yesterday, the official weight was 12lbs 1.5oz.   when we were there for his eight week shots, he weighed 11lbs 12.5oz.  i’m no medical expert but five ounces in 6.5 weeks is completely insufficient weight gain for a baby.  i really wanted to cry.  i feel like i should have tried harder to find a way to accurately weight him.

so the outcome of the dr visit was a rx antibiotic ointment for his pp and a rx for reflux medicine that we are supposed to start him on after he goes for an upper gi xray series to see if they can find a reason for the severe reflux.  we do that tomorrow.

today we had further testing done on his ears and confirmed that his left ear is fine and his right ear is not.  we go back to his ear dr next week to determine what the next step is for that.  not sure if it will require tubes or what.

hubby and i are just full of worry right now.  please say some prayers for our little turkey.  if he weren’t such a happy little guy, i’d probably be downright frantic.

on the bright side, today was the first day that he actually reached out and touched my face on purpose.  he spent about five minutes straight exploring my face while i told him what part he was touching.  it was the best five minutes of my week 🙂

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