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my mother-in-law had a pretty massive stroke 3 years ago.  she used to be an @$$-kicking person and now she’s very childlike and emotional.  not only did the stroke diminish her physical abilities but it really changed the essence of who she is.  lately her personality has changed even more.  she’s not even the same person anymore. this is why I got so upset when I got the call that my dad had had a stroke… my experience with a stroke has been a tragic, long, drawn-out loss of oneself.  it has been so sad seeing this personality change in my MIL over the last 3 years.  this week, we are with my husband’s family for Christmas.  I expected to be very sad being around my MIL after my father’s passing.   I imagined it would just be too hard to see her playing with her grandson knowing that my dad never got that chance again.  it has been hard but for a whole different reason.  seeing how badly and how quickly my MIL has deteriorated in the last few months has truly made me thankful that daddy’s suffering was so brief.  today is two months since the last time i spoke with him.  not a day has gone by that i haven’t thought about him and wished i could talk with him.  i miss him fiercely but i am finally at peace with it.  my heart breaks for my husband having to see his mother like this.  i cannot imagine seeing my dad in such deep suffering and being unable to do anything about it.  i am praying for peace and comfort for my MIL.

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