If it’s not one thing…

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This little boy is determined to worry me to death.  The reflux seems to be getting better finally and the blood in the urine has gone away but the last last week and a half he has been on a hunger strike.  he’s been super fussy about eating, almost to the point of refusing to eat.  Feeding him has just become an all-out stressor for me.  He screams and cries the whole time while I wrangle him and fight him to nurse.  Today was his 4 month physical and shots.  He did great but we did find that he has gone from being in the 50th  percentile down to the 2 percentile.  His official height is 24″ and weight is 12lbs 11oz.  The PA suggested that we go ahead and start him on some solid foods and come back in two weeks to check on his weight. 

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