stupid drunk witch!

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what a frikkin week. after a very long week, we went to our favorite night spot last night but the band wasn’t our gig and the night ended with a very nasty scene. we went back to the dance floor for “sweet home alabama” – you know, with it being the national anthom and all… and there was this blond frikkin %(&#@)%* using her straw to spit her drink all over me and this chick next to me. and we’re looking at each other like wtf?! but i’m willing to shrug it off because apparently this chick has had too much and is easily amused. whatever, i’m having a good time. and then i’m dancing with my wonderful alabaman hubby and suddenly this chick poors her drink all over my #$)%&#%@ head! see you next tuesday!!! i really wish that i had jumped up on the #(%&#@!! rail and punched her in the #(%&(#% face! instead, i stood there in shock until the song was over. i was cold, wet, and angry and i just wanted to go home. we came home, showered all the nastiness off, and went to bed. today, i tried to be positive. i slept in, went to the gym for a really long, great workout, came back to make breakfast (so what if it’s the afternoon!), layed around, went to the pool, and now we’re getting ready to go hang out again. maybe that’ll make this week a better week. other than my hubby’s abandoning me again this week.

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