good to be home

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or at least to have hubby home with me!  it was a mostly lazy, snuggly day.  we did manage to get out a bit this morning.  we walked a little piece up the road to a condo auction.  we went in and looked at a few units before we went on the cruise so we knew we wouldn’t want to do any bidding.  the building and units were seriously bottom-of-the-line.  but it was really interesting to see the auction process in action (other than the ten minutes that the auctioneer spent reading the five pages of terms and conditions).  i think a total of twenty-five units were auctioned.  the first one, a four bedroom, worked up a little bit of a buying frenzy and was sold to an internet bidder for $233 per square foot.  i hope that they knew what they were buying because these units are so not worth that in this market.  the next bid for the four bedrooms was $209/sqft and eight of them sold at that price before they were taken off the the auction block.  they then moved on to the two bedrooms.  there was no frenzy on these at all.  the bid was $196/sqft and sixteen were sold at that price before the auction was closed down.  there was another building a couple months ago that went through an auction and we had talked about going to it but something came up.  it was a much nicer building with very nice units (although not at all liveable) but the pool was truly pitiful.  i think those went for somewhere around $240/sqft at auction.  i would have paid that for those before i would have bought one of the ones today.  it was interesting though to go to our first conod auction.  i didn’t realize that when it got down to the rock-bottom bid, they would just let anyone who wanted to pay that price have them (i’m assuming that it depends on how many the contractor wants to let go at that price).  we went through a few of the little beach shops on the walk home and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening resting.  in a little while, we’re going to go down to our favorite club and listen to one of our favorite bands that play there.

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