happy easter!

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last night turned out to be somewhat of a bust again. we decided to just try walking to some of the closer places but were disappointed to find most of them closed. on the way back we ended up stopping at the place two doors down that we don’t enjoy eating at but never tried the nightlife before. it wasn’t great but it is close so i’m sure we’ll go back again sometime. i had thought about trying to find a church service to go to this morning but as i crawled into bed sometime in the 3 o’clock hour, i knew that wasn’t happening. surprisingly, my husband’s goal was to buy some tvs today. in the mid-afternoon, we made our way to town towards that end. we discovered, however, that everything is closed on easter. who’d’ve thunk? the mall was closed. well except for sears (big surprise) which we did go ahead and look through but there is no way in hades that i will ever give that store another penny of my money! (sears SUCKS!!!) walmart was closed. so odd. but luckily the walmart near the beach was open so we were able to get food for me since my husband is taking the car and taking off for the week, leaving me alone and stranded.

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