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i was lamenting to my sissy today about the ridiculous lack of sick days in this whole parenting profession.  here i am, feeling like crap with a sinus infection on top of the way i’ve been feeling lately anyhow.  her advice was “mom up!”  and that is the game isn’t it?  i signed up for this.  i knew i was going to have to devote myself entirely to this little person.  i guess i just thought i’d have a little more help.  hubby is a fantastic father but he’s having a surprisingly difficult time adjusting and coping.  99% of the time, that’s fine but on the couple of occasions where i can’t cope… well it’d be nice for him to step up a bit more in the interim.  the one friend that i expected to be my “mommy support” has turned out to be much more of a taker than a giver on that front.  i used to be anti-mommy-group purely on the basis of my anti-social nature.  now, i’ve been trying to reach out to other mommies but can’t seem to find an “in” anywhere.  not even at church.  i can’t exactly join a mops group or anything since all that stuff happens during working hours.  I just feel very lonely in this whole journey and it would be great if I had someone to talk with and tell me that they understand.

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