leaps and bounds

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it seems like the turkey has been amazing us left and right lately.  within the last few weeks, he has mastered colors and shapes and countless objects.  he has started to say more words… most heartwarmingly was an unprompted “home” when we got back from vacation a few weeks ago.  he has started to take more interest in his chunky puzzles and we are working on numbers and letters.  it is just incredible to see how much he soaks up even though he can’t really communicate it yet.

of course, since we spent most of the month off schedule due to vacations and family and holidays, we’re also going through some rough patches behaviorally. I have the hardest time getting him to drink milk any more.  and since he also decided to start boycotting water, we ended up having to finally introduce juice just to keep him from dehydrating.  now the little twerp walks around the house asking for “tzssss”.  he’s also started growling “mom” when he’s upset (like when i’m making him drink his milk) and swatting undesired foods/drinks away. we’re working through it while trying to get him adjusted back to our normal schedule but it sure is frustrating.  it’s a good thing God made him so daggum cute!

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