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I talked about having a tiring day yesterday but I never even mentioned sleep. Here’s one of the many things I will me we understand about me: how I can be flat out exhausted and unable to sleep. Really, how is that possible? For some reason, I was tired all day Friday. While I was working, I wanted a nap; while I was packing, I wanted a nap; while hubby drove six hours to Atlanta, I struggled to stay awake to keep him company (I am so much better a passenger than he is). The point is, by the time we got to the hotel late Friday night, I was TIRED! So the fact that at 05:00 Saturday morning I was still not even close to being asleep just boggles my mind (no doubt contributing to the sleeplessness). I did manage to doze a bit on and off after that but not much. It sucked, folks. The only good thing about a night like that is that you are ready and willing to get up as soon as the alarm goes off. So, considering all that, I’m very pleased with all the work I did yesterday because I was dragging tail a bit. And last night, after a long day of hard work on practically no sleep, I was so ready to go to bed. I think we were showered and in bed by 21:30. Thankfully, I was asleep within ten minutes. Of course, at 01:00 I was apparently done sleeping. Arrrgh! Once again I tossed and turned and drove myself nuts until close to 05:00. And then I dozed on and off again until hubby was awake and I was able to suggest an earler breakfast. Which was a great idea because we ate, went back to the room, and managed to get a solid nap for about an hour. I’m not feeling near as rough today. Although I’m not feeling nearly as helpful either. I did some sanding first thing again and helped hubby cut some baseboards but now I’m just watching him cut tile. Better get up and see if anyone’s got anything for me to do yet.

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