thank you, Lord!

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after waking up to more spotting this morning, I went ahead and called the dr and they had me come in for my initial exam a week early.  it was a very different experience from the first time around when we were so excited to see our little blueberry and were surprised with a humanoid lemon.  this time, I went in with trepidation, held my breath, and just prayed that there would be a heartbeat.  praise the Lord, there was!  our sequel looks okay for now!  i’m afraid i’m going to worry throughout this whole pregnancy but it was so wonderful to see that little heart pumping (130 bpm).  we saw one of the midwives today since they were squeezing us in and she was very reassuring and easy to deal with.  i still think i’d rather go back to my dr since he’s more familiar with my history but it’s nice to know that the not-so-personable midwife we saw once before was not the standard.

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