calling in sick

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it’s bad enough that there are no sick days in parenthood, but what the heck do you do when you and your spouse are both sick?  apparently, we’re going to find out.  i woke up yesterday morning in Alabama with chills and aches that could only mean i was wracked with fever.  as we were packing to head home, hubby started feeling the same.  since the turkey is not quite tall enough to see over the steering wheel yet, we were forced to suck it up and make the long drive home, fever and all.  i say “we” – and really, i did make several genuine offers – but it was all my hubby.  i don’t even know how the heck he did it.  i spent the whole six hours squirming around my seat moaning in pain and misery.  it was possibly the worse drive of my life.  i don’t see how he made it.  this morning i’m feeling ten times more horrible.  and, naturally, so is he.  and yet i’m getting ready to put the turkey down for a nap and go back to bed while he’s sitting there working.  either i’m a huge wimp or he’s got some fever-coping super powers.

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