no crying over work

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the alarm woke me up from a horrible work-related dream this morning. i woke up sobbing to myself about how i was trying and just couldn’t make it work. not a great way to start the day and left me tired the rest of the day (no, i couldn’t really tell you how that’s different from any other day that i wake up breathing). the day itself wasn’t terrible and i managed to do just a little bit of cleaning during lunch and after work. not near what i had planned to have done this week but, considering how crummy i was feeling at the beginning of the week, i’ll take it. i have no idea yet when to expect my hubby to be home tomorrow so there’s a chance i might be able to get more cleaning out of the way before he gets home. not only do i not like to “waste” my weekend on cleaning but it’s really just not a realistic goal. weekends are spent having fun or holding down the couch. that’s the reality of it and i’m fine with that. i imagine since the resurrection bunny ruined our shopping trip last weekend, we’ll be going out to make another effort at blowing copious amounts of money this weekend. gotta support the economy right? afterall, i need to spend my hard-earned money bailing out all of the irresponsible idiots in the country who got us into this mess.

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