false labor

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i had my first bout of false labor this morning.  we were down at the beach/pool with family and i was having strong contractions every five minutes or so for a couple hours.  i finally got enough water in me to get it to ease off but it was strange to have it happen so soon.  i didn’t have any false labor with the turkey until the last few weeks.  this little sequel has eleven weeks to go so he’d better not be getting any crazy ideas about coming out pre-baked!

in other news, the heartburn has also started earlier this time.  i’ve been going through tums like pez.  when it starts getting bad enough that i can’t lay down at night, i’ll start the prilosec again.  fun times.  i also had my one hour glucose test last week and have to go back for the three hour next week.  i wasn’t surprised this time that i failed the initial though i am hoping that the three hour proves to be as much a non-event as last time.  with the turkey, i ate so healthy and i didn’t have to worry about sweets because that was one of my biggest aversions.  i couldn’t tolerate anything sweet at all.  unfortunately, i have not been so blessed this time.  whereas i didn’t have any cravings with the turkey, the sequel craves chocolate non-stop.  in real life, i can’t stand chocolate cake or ice cream.  now, it’s all i can think about every day.  it’s excruciating and i’d like to say that i fight it off but i’ve been entirely too weak and caved too often.  when the sequel has ADHD, i’ll have no one to blame but myself 🙁

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