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we spent the holiday weekend clearing out the bunk room so that we can start making a nursery for the sequel.  part of that was moving the bunk bed into the turkey’s room to start transitioning him to a big boy bed.  he was so excited and proud of it!  we moved it in there on sunday but he didn’t sleep on it until nap on monday.  he napped in there the last three days and slept in his crib at night.  tonight is his first night sleeping in the big bed and he fell asleep faster than he has all week.  so far, so good!  he hasn’t even tried to get out of bed on his own yet.  after his naps, he’s been waiting for us to come in and get him like a good boy even though we let him wait up to twenty minutes and he knows how to get down.  i’m so proud of my big boy!

so proud of his new big boy bed

we were going to try potty training over the long weekend but got hung up by not being able to find training pants his size.  instead, we just let him use the potty whenever he wanted, keeping it casual.  he asked several times a day and even had a couple good p00ps so i think it was a good trial run.   i’m still not 100% sure that he’s really ready for full training but we’re going to give it a serious try this weekend after his training pants come in.  pray for us!

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